BVI Post and Swift Retail

Published on: 8 March 2018

The Client

The Virgin Islands or British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean with a population of fewer than 28,000. With high aspirations to offer a superior quality of service, BVI Post faced the enormous challenge of modernizing a post office without the resources available in comparison to the larger post office.

The Swift Postal Response

BVI Post took the decision to purchase Swift Retail, Swift Postal’s counter automation solution in 2008. The software automated all counter operations and head office operations and delivered key best practices for managing cash and stock processes within the postal network.

The key win proposed by Swift Postal was the solution’s ability to scale down to micro post office. Since the solution was designed from inception to cater for the small post office, it ensured that it did not require high maintenance in terms of staff and capital, to ensure the solution’s longevity and flexibility.

The solution delivered upon all the required postal and non-postal services available at the BVI counter, as well as the head office management suite being integrated with the corporate financial back-end system. Functionality unique to Swift Postal was also deployed particularly around stock and cash management, including end-of-day cash handling. Swift Postal was also instrumental in the setting up of new services including bill payments.

The Outcome

BVI Post has now been running Swift Retail successfully for several years, and the versatility and scalability of the software has enabled BVI Post to improve its quality of service as well as increase its revenue streams by offering new services.

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