Guernsey Post and Swift Retail

Published on: 18 July 2018

The Client
Guernsey Post is the postal service for the island of Guernsey, which forms part of the Channel Islands. On account of Guernsey Post’s importance for the island’s commerce and industry, the postal network handles a high volume of mail per capita in comparison with other small postal organisations. In addition, Guernsey Post’s retail network offers a wide range of value-added services – including fax, internet, bill payment and financial services – that have extended its remit beyond that of being a regular postal organisation.

The Challenge
Guernsey Post operates with a budget commensurate with the island’s size. However, the organisation needs to serve a sophisticated corporate client base alongside its domestic customers. Faced with this dynamic, Guernsey Post needed to invest in high-end technology to help it modernise, compete and perform. Management realised though that such an investment would have compromised Guernsey Post’s positive ROI.

Swift’s Response
However, when Guernsey Post assessed Swift’s postal automation software, it realised that it offered an affordable, robust and comprehensive solution ideally suited to smaller postal organisations such as theirs. At the outset of the project, we carried out a Business Process Analysis (BPA) which analysed Guernsey Post’s business processes. We realised that Guernsey Post’s unique, dispersed counter network and the depth of its business posed a number of operational process and design issues. The organisation also had specific requirements in terms of functionality, pricing and support. Since Swift Retail offers customisation, we were able to deploy a system that matched Guernsey Post’s complex requirements.

The Outcome
The installation of Swift as an integrated solution for Guernsey Post has changed both the productivity and image of the island’s postal network. Modernising the organisation by using the latest technology has also had far-reaching results in motivating employees.

Swift Retail’s flexibility has allowed Guernsey Post to increase its range of counter services, including for example bill payment on behalf of third-party clients. Automation has enabled Guernsey Post to develop new, value-added revenue streams in financial services which are of vital importance to its customer base.

For head office, a major advantage of automation using Swift Retail has been the easy generation of reports. This business intelligence has provided a goldmine of information for decision-makers at Guernsey Post.

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