MaltaPost and Swift Philately

Published on: 6 June 2018

MaltaPost’s philatelic department was looking for a fully integrated solution that will meet the unique requirements of the department. The focus of the solution needed to be a fully integrated system that would cover all back-end operations, including the management of stock and customers, as well as the online webshop.

Swift Philately was presented to MaltaPost to fulfill their entire requirements from end to end. As with all Swift Postal’s projects, a solution was offered that included both the functionality that already exists within the product and the services required to customise, deploy and support the solution. Swift Philately essentially offered a fully automated back-office function that catered for the business processes and concepts that only exist within a philately department. This included the following:

  • managing of client subscriptions as well as automated client notification for account top-ups
  • automatic generation of invoices
  • managing of picking-lists and processing of deliveries
  • maintaining of stock levels

Swift Philately’s back-end bureau management system manages the capturing of data that is essential for the selling of subscriptions online. The solution was able to capture all details that philatelists would love, and in turn expose such data over the web, including thematic, designer, perforation, denomination, watermark, etc.

Moreover, Swift Postal was able to offer a front-end web solution through its e-commerce product, the Swift Customer Portal. Swift Philately was used as a content management system, as well as e-commerce platform manager to be able to centrally manage and automate several tasks required to keep up with the influx of new online sales. MaltaPost’s new Philately site allowed MaltaPost customers to view an archive of stamps as old as 1860, to purchase and subscribe to philatelic products, to promote related products accordingly, as well as to manage client accounts.

“The solution delivered impressive results. Once the site was launched, orders started coming from existing as well as new customers. The system ensured that the quality of service MaltaPost Philatelists were expecting was delivered, with the same customer experience as through traditional means”, says Joseph Sultana, Managing Director of Swift Postal.

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