SwiftPostal proud sponsor and participant at APPU (Asia Pacific Postal Union) virtual workshop 2021

Published on: 18 March 2021

Swift Postal successfully participated in this year’s APPU (Asia Pacific Postal Union) themed workshop focusing on “Digitalisation and Service Delivery in the Postal Industry” held virtually on the 17th of March and moderated by Derek Osborn (Postal expert and author of seven Postal-related thought leadership books such as “The Future of Post” and ”Reinventing the Post” Volumes as well as “Exploring new Frontiers – Reshaping the Postal Industry” and others https://www.plefora.co.uk/leadership-books/ ), as well as APPU Secretary General Mr. Hongliang Lin and Padmagandha Mishra, Course Director, APPC

SwiftPostal is proud to have sponsored this event and presented Digitalising the Postal Industry - Solutions and Services for Postal and Logistics.

The company was represented at the event by Steve Camilleri Bowman, VP at Swift Postal, who discussed how a postal-focused digital transformation strategy helps Postal Operators address certain operational challenges and open their horizons for new revenue generating opportunities. Mr. Camilleri Bowman also dived deeper into three industry-specific postal products and how these add value to Postal Operators globally. The products in focus during the event were:

Commenting on SwiftPostal’s participation at the event, Mr. Osborn said that “Steve gave an excellent insight into the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation for posts, including a number of case studies and examples prompting some good questions and comments from the participants”

“It is a pleasure to represent SwiftPostal alongside industry experts such as Mr. Osborn. SwiftPostal’s diverse service and product offering, in the form of Digital Transformation services, led by our subject matter experts, together with industry-specific products, positions us as the ideal technology partner for Postal Organisations globally. These workshops help us stay close to the industry and this is clearly demonstrated by the fact that SwiftPostal’s products indeed resolve several issues and challenges raised during today’s APPU workshop” commented Mr. Camilleri Bowman following the successful participation at the event and following feedback received from various postal operators in the region.

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