Mobile capabilities for couriers on the go

Mobile app for real-time information exchange and first/last mile route planning for effective multi drops and courier activities

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Swift CourierGo is a mobile App designed for the courier on the go to assist in their daily deliveries. The App is available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Through its comprehensive API, data from different systems may be exposed and shared with the app in order to handle, amongst other things:

Value Proposition

Swift CourierGo connects, in real time, to your organisation’s network for the latest information and also offers offline functionality for when deliveries occur in zones with poor or no mobile data connectivity. Swift CourierGo simplifies processes and eliminates unnecessary paper documents whilst on the go. Swift CourierGo is fully compliant with the EMS EVT3 standard and integrates seamlessly into Swift Tracking to offer an end-to-end tracking solution, from inception to final delivery.

First Mile

  • Point-to-point pickup and deliveries
  • Ability to pre-load app with parcels to be picked up or scan new pickup items whilst on the go
Last Mile

  • Delivering last mile parcels
  • Collecting customer signatures digitally
  • Saving delivery information:
    • Geo Location
    • Payment Information
Address Information Gathering

  • Collection of address information during delivery of items
  • Address type & occupier
  • Address status (occupied/unoccupied)
  • Address obstacles (number of stairs, private entrance... etc)
Route Planning

  • Automated route planning based on PArcel Address locations
  • Acceptance of Delivery route by contractors on the go

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