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Online capabilities for EAD regulation compliancy

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As the internet economy proliferates, e-tailers, bulk mailers and business customers are clogging up queues at postal offices / mail and parcel centres to send goods to their customers. Batches of packets and parcels need to be individually processed and then paid for whilst other customers wait in queues to avail themselves of a simple service. Swift ParcelPro allows the organisation to offer online capabilities to their bulk customers allowing them to lodge all their mail items online, print all the required documentation, effect online payments, request pickup or drop-off and doing all this in the comfort of their own home or office.

Swift ParcelPro is also exposed via an API allowing e-tailers and other 3rd parties the facility to integrate and push orders and pull tracking information for display on their own websites or back-office systems.

Benefits of Swift ParcelPro:

Better customer experience for the organisations business customers

Value Proposition

Web Based Online Portal

  • Lodge item details online
  • Make Online Payments
  • Perform Account Topups
  • Pay for items from customer account
  • Declare item contents
Label Generation

  • Direct Integration with IPC Harmonised Label Generation
  • Labels issued according to destination and parcel values
Streamline traffic at Retail Outlets

  • Reduced Queues
  • Post Office Staff no longer need to register hundreds of items for bulk customers
Enhanced Tracking

  • Automatic Tracking of each item at the different stages
  • Tracking at item lodgement stage
  • Tracking at Pickup/Delivery stage

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