Counter automation software for improved revenue streams

Automate back-office services including transactions, stock management, consolidation and reconciliation.

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Swift Retail is our flagship retail counter automation software - a single platform capable of feeding into the many diverse systems at the counter. It offers access to whole new revenue streams within postal services, financial services, bill payments and expanded retail operations within a single touch point.

Having to access many different systems over the counter is a daily occurrence for agents working at the post office. This is due to the myriad of different services, postal and non-postal, which are typically offered to a diverse client set. Such a setup brings a variety of day-to-day operational challenges, from reconciliation of cash across all different services, to inefficient and poorly administered stamps and stock. Knowing your customer, and being able to react swiftly by rolling out new services within minutes is a must in today’s dynamic market.

Swift Retail, through a single platform delivers a number of benefits:

The design philosophy behind Swift was to create an end-to-end, feature-rich and user-friendly solution that runs on standard PC hardware and that is highly tolerant to frequent interruptions in the WAN connection between the organisation’s regional and central offices.

Value Proposition

Service Offering

  • Postal Services
  • Bill Payments
  • Money Orders
  • Foreign Exchange
  • 3rd Party Enhancements
  • Voucher Redemptions
  • Ad-hoc Services without any development intervention

  • Customer Centric
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Customer loyalty schemes including volume-based discounts
  • Customer-centric pricelist
  • Geo-centric pricing
Inbuilt Reporting

  • Customised KPI Dashboards
  • Automated daily/periodical reporting
  • Agent and supervisor end-of-day reporting
  • Consolidated and geo-centric transaction reporting
  • Sales performance/Volume reporting
  • System activity and audit reporting
  • Audit and risk management reporting
Inventory & Cash Management

  • Real-time positions across the network
  • User/branch/region replenishment levels
  • Purchasing/Transferring/Requisitioning workflows within and across branches and regions
  • Automated replenishment notifications for on-consignment suppliers
  • End-of-day cash reconciliation with centralised and decentralised banking facilities
  • Strongroom module for bounced cheques management, customer blacklists and AML support
Central Management

Centalised product and price management

Postal service maintenance including new service setup, rates, barcode and prefix formats, label templates and stamp management

Management of rates, fees, commissions, discounts, pricelist and loyalty schemes

Centralised user, permissions, branch/region management

Creating and maintaining ad-hoc services

Management of 3rd party API integration

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